What To Wear and Bring to your Portrait Session

First and foremost, get to the studio about 15 minutes early!

General Tips: - Plain and simple garments always photograph best.
- Turtle necks or V-necks are flattering provided that neither is exaggerated in style.
- Since some images may be full length, plan your outfits from head to toe, yes that means shoes too!
- Day old haircuts are too new. Haircuts look best after about a week. Plan accordingly.
- Avoid fad styles or bold patterns. Remember we want the attention to be on you.
- If you're doing a buddy session, coordinate your style and color with your buddy.
- Hands and nails may be in some portraits, spend some time grooming them.
- It's best to bring your clothes in on hangers so they don't wrinkle.
- Tans are nice, but sunburns aren't. Watch out for tan lines, wristwatch tan lines, and for ladies the strapline on your shoulders. Even sock and hat tan lines can be a problem.
- Don't be afraid to bring props, they help define who you are. A class ring, a cheerleading or sport uniform, letterman's jacket, instrument, basketball, football, baseball glove, dance leotard and shoes, or even fresh flowers...
whatever! We'll have fun!
- Doing an outdoor session? Casual outfits in earth tones work the best.
- Bring your favorite CD. We'll listen to it in the session.
- Bring a friend or your mom to help check your hair and clothing during your session.
- Concerning eyeglasses: stronger lenses will cause distortion. All glasses glare. Try to borrow a blank pair of frames from your optometrist or have your lenses temporarily removed. That will help us keep the sparkle in your eyes.

Clothing Choices (Check to see how many outfits your session includes.)

The camera exaggerates the 5 o'clock shadow. Shave just prior to coming in. Bring the right shoes for the right outfit. Don't forget a hairbrush, belts, class ring, gel.

1st outfit - Should be of a medium to dark color with long sleeves. A jacket and tie for traditional look is recommended. Solid colors look best. Stripes, prints, and plaids don't photograph as well. Tee shirts, especially the ones with pictures and words really don't make it.

2nd outfit - Should be of a casual look. Cords, jeans, khakis (or something similar) with a sweater or solid shirt.

3rd outfit
- Go wild! Any color, any style, wear what you wear.

Wear your makeup as you normally do. Keep jewelry simple. It's probably not a good time to try a new hair color or hairdo. Nails and sometimes even toenails show. Natural or basic tones work best. Don't forget a hairbrush, makeup, belts, hairspray.

1st outfit - Should be something traditional. A middle to dark color with long sleeves looks best.

2nd outfit - Should be something very fashionable and dressy. Don't be afraid to bring special jewelry, scarves, hats, and/or accessories.

3rd outfit
- Should be a light colored long sleeved shirt, like a pastel, off white, or white. Light colored pants or shorts. Something very comfortable will work best.

4th outfit - Go wild! Any color and style. Wear what you want!

Not sure what to wear? Bring it. We'll help you decide.